This webpage is created to display items of a historical nature. The first items to be added are the FamilyGrams sent to families for the 1970 Mediterranean cruise. They were donated by Cdr. Krumwiede. He was the CO during this period. If anyone has items that may be of interest to add here, send them to Send them as either pdf files or jpg files.

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Mullinnix communications

FamilyGram Med 1965

FamilyGram WestPac 1 March 1966

FamilyGram WestPac 23 June 1966

FamilyGram WestPac 12 August 1966

FamilyGram WestPac 6 October 1966

FamilyGram WestPac 8 November 1966

FamilyGram WestPac 29 November 1966

FamilyGram Med 22 April 1970

FamilyGram Med 29 May 1970

FamilyGram Med 26 August 1970

FamilyGram Med 24 October 1970

1970 Welcome Aboard Pamphlet

1977 Welcome Aboard Pamphlet

Deployment dates

1961 Mediterranean

1966 WestPac


1969 WestPac

1970 Mediterranean

1975-6 Mediterranean

Newspaper articles

Commissioning 1958

Decommissioning 1983

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