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23 August, 2008

USS Mullinnix DD944 Association was formed at the annual reunion held May 13-16, 1999 at Newport, RI when the 20 crewmembers in attendance voted to do so and elected our first slate of officers. Previous annual reunions were held together with the crew of USS Willard Keith DD775 and coordinated by Military Locator & Reunion Service of Hickory, North Carolina. We decided to separate from these two groups and attempt to coordinate and stage our own reunions. It was also decided, in an attempt to establish a financial base for postage, office supplies and the like to institute an initial annual dues assessment of $20.00. Several factors including postal rate increases, the rise in cost of supplies and non-payment of dues forced us to increase dues in 2002 to $25.00. The generosity of reunion attendees over the past 5 years and “paid up” dues has the Association on firm enough footing that dues were reduced at the annual Business Meeting at the reunion in 2008 to just $10 starting with 2009.

Over the past few years our membership has grown from the initial 20 to over 400 names now on our roster and reunion participation has grown steadily with new shipmates and family members in attendance each year. We had 19 first time attendees in 2008! The focus of our Association continues to be two-fold, our annual reunion and growing the membership.

Reunions have been held in:

1999 - Newport, RI

2000 - Virginia Beach, VA

2001 - ST. Augustine, FL

2002 - Wilmington, NC

2003 - Pigeon Forge, TN

2004 - Charleston, SC

2005 - Norfolk, VA

2006 - Valley Forge, PA

2007 - Jacksonville, FL

2008 - Downers Grove, IL

2009 - Baton Rouge, LA

2010 - Newport News, VA

2011 - Albany, NY

2012 - San Antonio, TX

2013 - Washington, DC

2014 - Columbus, GA

2015 - Nashville, TN

2016 - Cocoa Beach, FL

2017 - Albuquerque, NM

Several new initiatives are currently underway to expand our ranks and live up to our motto, “NOT OLDER………..BETTER”. Development of this website was just one of them. Please log on frequently and look for new additions as we fill in the blanks and make it "BETTER".

We encourage all former crewmembers to join our ranks by filling out a membership form, printing a copy and mailing it to our Treasurer with a check for your annual dues. If you have any suggestions for future reunion sites, want to assist in reunion planning, or have items for inclusion in our newsletter, please include that in the comments section of your membership form submission. We look forward to having you all onboard. We also appeal to any visitor to this website to contact us with the name and address or email address for any former crewmember you know whom we can reach out to.

We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Roger Bocek, President

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